Splurge #1 – Brunch at Malvón

I recently realized that for having been in Buenos Aires for over 1 year I have not been diligently taking advantage of living here.  The list of places I have eaten, shopped, or hitched a collectivo to is admittedly quite short.  That said, I am going to start a new series of blogs here called “Steals and Splurges”.  My idea is to blog about places that I love bcause they are awesome, and awesome for your budget – but also about places that are just plain awesome and worth shelling out the extra pesos for.  In typical Bethany fashion,  my first post will be about today’s “splurge” – Brunch at Malvón.

Verdict – So worth it.

Setback – $75 + $15 tip (I am a chef and waitress, therefore I am a tipper)

One of the places I miss most from my town in Maine is the Wake N’ Bakery Cafe, don’t judge.  Even though they could never get the home fries quite right, I loved the buena onda there and it was a brunch staple.  Today I found another place to add to the short list of beloved brunches, well, at least when I find myself with a few extra pesos.

Malvón, in Villa Crespo offers a fantastic, huge, delicious (should I go on?) brunch on weekends.  Here is some photodocumentation of the excellence:

I started with the included mini-cocktail of the day, that to me tasted like grapefruit juice.  It had pulp in it so I think it was fresh juice but I didn’t ask.  The coffee was the perfect temperature and very good in the grand scheme of café con leche.  So far, so good.

Then the bread, and the butter.  I will start with the butter – creamy delicious and flavored with the ever mysterious “frutos rojos” and the other with peanuts, but “nada que ver” with Peanut Butter.  So far presentation, flavor and service all impressive.  The bread basket was appropriately scaled down for a sola diner, and had a few crunchy cheese flatbreads, and a slice each of pumpernickel and rye that were tasty but a little hard around the crusts.

The brunch also comes with a cornbread muffin, which arrived steaming, soft and sweet, and a cup of citrus with crunchy cornflakes and seeds on top drizzled in some kind of syrup.  The citrus was fresh and I cleaned the cup right out with the cute little spoon it is served with, then slurped up every drop of liquid out of the glass.  You can do things like that when you are eating alone.  More extra points for the little wooden butter spatula.

On the brunch menu there are a veriety of mains and sides to accompany the breads, muffin, butters and citrus treat.  Three popovers, eggs benedict, lamb, chicken, slamon and shrimp dishes – I ordered the fritatta since it is a staple in my kitchen and I couldn’t resist the fact that it is served in a little cast iron frying pan!  I want some of them, so cute.

The fritatta was good, but I wouldn’t say it was the highlight.  All the flavors really did compliment each other, earthy mushrooms, creamy brie, nutty pecans… but it the end it was subtle with a little weird texture from the nuts.  Not to say that I didn’t finish it, I did.

The sides are almost as fun as the mains with hummus, soup (today’s was pumpkin), homefries and onion rings among the selections.  I went for the mini-berry pancakes.  Next time I would probably just order the berry pancakes as a main and call it a day.  They were thin, browned, sweet and so very yummy.  There was even a whole chunk of blackberry!

After finishing every last crumb of food I was given, I was so happy that I had pretty much forgotten how much the meal was going to cost.  I was pretty relieved when my check for 75 pesos arrived.  There is also an option to “upgrade” to a boozy brunch with a beer or glass of wine – about 10 pesos more.  On top of this, the service was fantastic – the super nice waiter even brought me a FREE glass of water when I asked really nicely.  For that alone I left 15 pesos as a tip, which I think is shared between a few servers.  After, I burned off about one pancake worth of calories shopping at the outlets before calling it a day.

The afternoon tapas menu looked tempting, tablas of tostadas and bruschettas for 88 pesos (“comen 2, pican 3”) so another adventure to Villa Crespo is in my future.

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